guest rooms

Make the most of a very pleasant stay in Hotton’s guest rooms. The ideal place to unwind under the best possible conditions!


Rue du Parc, 32

6990 Hotton

Tel: 0473/96.41.49

Mail : christine.courard@marche.be   

Website: www.chezleperecourard.be

1st floor: 2 rooms (2x3 guests, bathroom, shower room, toilet), reading room.

Garden: lawn, terrace, orchard, garage.

Savour the authenticity of the Ardennes in these guest rooms located on the banks of a river at the edge of the woods. For a relaxing, discovery visit.


Rue de la Vierge, 7

6990 Werpin (Hotton)

Tel.: Werpin +32 84 46 81 20 

Fax: +32 84 46 81 15

Mail : info@lafermedewerpin.be   

Website : www.lafermedewerpin.be

KRIS EN SISKA STRUYF WILLEMS20 rue Préal6997 Soy ErezéeTel.: +32 478 671 453info@auborddelasource.bewww.auborddelasource.be“Au bord de la source”: comfortable guest rooms with a delicious breakfast! Eggs, sandwiches, home-made jams, fruit and fruit juices, etc.The region offers numerous possibilities for walking and sport activities!


Rue des Roches, 3

6987 Marcourt (Hotton)

Tel.: +32 (0)84/43 38 86

Fax: +32 (0)84/43 38 86 

Big house with all modern conveniences for 20 people with 8 bedrooms, 2 “épis.”

Fully-equipped kitchen, dining room with bar and lounge areas, TV, DVD player, fireplace for barbecues,

toilet, oil-fired central heating. Big garden, terrace, garden furniture, car parking area, swing.

sandpit, children’s swimming pool.


Rue des Pèheux, 9

6990 Monville (Hotton)

Tel.: +32 84 46 60 58  

Fax: +32 84 46 60 58

Mail : la-vieille-tour.fabry@laposte.net   

Website : www.la-vieille-tour.be

Contact us if you have any questions about guest rooms in and around Hotton, a village in the province of Luxembourg.

B&B " Ô lit de l'Ourthe "

Rue du ban, 39

6990 Fronville (Hotton)

Tel : +32 491 145 169

Mail : bonjour@olitdelourthe.be

Web : https://www.olitdelourthe.be/ 

Bed & Breakfast offers you 4 elegant guest houses in Fronville.

You have a barbecue from the roof.

There is a trampoline for children, but also chickens, cats, horses ... Breakfast is possible.